Network partners

We work with a number of partners in a network. Visit them to learn more.

Cognitive-edge is the world's leading practitioners network that makes use of the Cynefin framework and innovative software to analyze narratives to design powerful interventions because of a better understanding of the context in which people work and interact with each other. We are accredited to use the Cynefin Framework and tools and are using the approach in various settings in our workshops.

Ideation International is the world's leading provider of TRIZ related products and services. We are accredited to deliver executive briefings for those who are interested in training their people in the TRIZ methodology to accelerate breakthrough innovation.

Lead by Nature  is the brain child of Erik Jan Dirks who lives in South Africa and established to combine Leadership development inspired by nature with sustainable support for local conservation initiatives such as Mara Naboisho. We partner with Lead by Nature and act as faculty and support the design and development of Lead by Nature's programs.

Preventa is a leading global Risk Management firm that offers integrated risk management solutions. We first met with Serban Teodoresco, Preventa's CEO, in Zürich at a Risk management conference in 2000. Since then we have worked together on advising a startup company and we regularly meet to discuss business topics and trends. We work with Preventa in providing executive briefings on creating a culture in which risk management is a normal part of doing business and provide leadership training for our clients.

Robert Epner  has a specialized consultancy dedicated to helping (financial services) firms improve operations and expand their offering into new markets and new products. We first met with Bob Epner while he was employed for ING and working in Hong Kong. At that time we supported him in mobilizing 10 insurance business units across 10 different countries in Asia aimed at creating significant performance improvement through a Lean Six Sigma initiative. We regularly meet to discuss business ideas and when appropriate we support each other's clients. Bob recently introduced which is an innovative strategic planning and implementation portal for leadership teams that increases productivity and accountability in their organizations.

Schaffer Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation, leadership development and post-merger integration. Located in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, the firm has been helping clients world-wide achieve large-scale organizational transformations for 50 years. We work together to develop our knowledge base in leadership and organizational change and when appropriate serve each other's clients.

Sequoia is a UK  based leadership training and executive education consulting group that operates globally in delivering experientially based programs that build high performance teams and develop people's leadership skills and potential. Together with Sequoia we designed a highly successful First Line Manager's leadership course for ING Business school that has been delivered in Europe, Eastern Europe including Russia and in the U.S since 2003.

Six Sigma & Lean Merits is a European based consulting and training organisation that assists its clients globally to achieve sustainable bottom line results through deploying improvement methods, such as Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen and WorkOut. We work with Six Sigma & Lean Merits to design and deliver customized executive briefings on Lean Six Sigma and sustainable performance improvement interventions.

The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is one of the top leading business schools in Europe where we serve as adjunct faculty since the early 1990s. Through the RSM we provide executive education for a number of (global) companies on topics ranging from leadership, innovation and sustainable performance improvement.

theworldweworkin is a global network based organization that serves customers world-wide. We have a global footprint with 45 network partners and links with 12 major business schools and consultancies. We are part of the faculty team and work with clients when appropriate.

Strozzi Institute (SI) is the original architect of Embodied Leadership – a unique approach that combines the latest in neuroscience, holistic practice, action-oriented communication and mindfulness. I have and still am attending workshops from SI and am a certified Strozzi somatic coach as well as an associate recommended on their website. Their approach and deep knowledge and learning their practices have transformed my coaching practice and leadership workshops. Learning from them has also been a personal growth experience. I warmly recommend their publications and workshops.